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Covid Response

The whole world has stopped.  Coronavirus has made us all stop and think a great deal about how to continue with such a threat at large.  Whilst it has been very negative with so many people dying there have also been many many injustices being exposed and many changes that we hope should if we remain in it make a better world in the end.

Below are some of the changes that we have made in order to accommodate the new normal of life with Covid.

Self check in and check out
Due to Covid we made the decision to make it easier for guests to check in and check out by installing a lock box. When you arrive you simply open the box with the codes you would have been given on booking and obtain all the keys you need for the gates and for the cabins.
Camping now available due to Covid
There is a general increase in the amount of persons looking for camping options as a way to avoid possible contamination from coronavirus.
Due to this we now made several changes and provide one of our cabins for use for campers. It is equipped with all basic needed to cook and also has a shower with hot and cold water and the all important toilet.
Campers can also self check in and out and are provided a map to find their site which has water and electricity nearby.
Camping cabin usage
Due to Covid the camping cabin that we have provided must be used within a time slots that you will decide upon arrival. It is provided on a first come first serve basis.

Due to Covid guests must not enter the cabin whilst another group is using it.

Also we ask that you clean thoroughly the cabin after use so as to reduce the risk to the next guests using it.

Taxi with seperate driver cabin
On the homepage of this website you may have noticed a new group of pictures. That group is the Covid response pictures. In those pictures you can see a picture of the cabin separation that we made to further keep our guests and workers safe.
Airport meeting guide outline
We now offer a service whereby a staff guide will meet you at the airport and bring you to Jurassic Park Retreat. Whether you come by hire car or by bus. He can translate for you and recommend places to eat. He will also make sure you are meeting the local requirements and protocols for coronavirus.
Temperature checks
Upon arrival be it by taxi or otherwise, you will have your temperature taken. This is to safeguard everybody.
Social distancing
A social distance of at least 2 meters will be observed at Jurassic Park between persons unless you are a family.
Cleaning and Sanitizing
It is recognized that there is a difference between cleaning and sanitization. At Jurassic Park we start with cleaning and finish up with sanitizing sprays afterwards on all touched surfaces.
24 hours between guests in Cabins
As a security measure and and attempt at to reduce the risk of contamination to guests and staff. A minimum of 24 hours between guests has been set. Deep cleaning, sanitation and other preparations will be carried out in between.
Masks and gloves
Guest density will be kept at very low levels for the foreseen future, for that reason masks and gloves within the Park are unnecessary, however when you leave the Park and visit other areas even in the Taxi masks are mandatory and gloves a good idea.
Staff rules
Staff have been instructed to maintain social distancing and will wear masks and gloves during deliveries and food preparation.
Hand washing
It is recommended that hand sanitization is done at least twice a day or at least after every time you return to your cabin.
If you are found to have a temperature or other Covid symptoms, you will have to self isolate in your cabin for minimum 2 weeks. Provisions will be served to you on your terrace although you will be asked to remain indoors when that happens. If you are traveling with others then your whole group will self isolate until a least 2 weeks have passed without symptoms.
Food preparation
Particular attention is paid during food deliveries, food preparation and food delivery to cabin terraces. All food are cleaned, staff wear suitable gloves,hair nets and masks. Food is delivered to you on your terrace whilst masks, gloves and social distancing are all respected.
Grocery deliveries
Grocery deliveries are brought to us by the various supermarkets. The supermarket driver will bring them to you and you are to pay them directly for your groceries. They wear masks and gloves and respect social distancing. It is recommended that cash received in change should be placed directly in soapy water to soak for a few minutes for decontamination.
Common area surfaces
During cabin preparations and in all communal areas both cleaning and sanitization is carried out on a regular basis. Cabins twice a week and all communal area surfaces that are touched on a twice daily basis.
Greeting etiquette
When you are met please remain at least 2 meters distance from you greeter. Please wear a mask and gesture a fistbump if you wish. due to Covid you will have to take your own luggage to your cabin or campsite.
Medical assistance
If for some reason you require medical assistance, please send a message via either the WhatsApp service or via your Google home hub. A doctor will be call out as soon as possible. Also of note and if you speak Spanish 911 works well here in Dominican Republic and the ambulance is just down the road at the firestation.