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Main international airport
The closest international airport is Santo Domingo (Las Americas) – 2 hours away
Transport from Santo domingo:
1. A taxi will cost $150 – $200 USD. We can arrange a pickup with one of regular taxi services.
2. Car rental from airport
3. Local transport – cheapest option 400 pesos each ($9 USD)
Excellent express coach service – direct coaches to Las Terrenas.
There is a bus stop for these buses a 10 min taxi ride from the airport (so no need to go in and out of the city centre).
Closest international airport
Él Catey, Samana international airport is 25 minutes from Las Terrenas, this receives flights from Canada and some European countries. A Taxi can be arranged and costs $70 USD door to door.
How far away is the beach?
The closest best beaches are Playa Bonita & Playa Coson at a distance of 10 & 20 mins away, respectively, by car or motoconcho (motorbike taxi).
As these beaches are away from the town they are less touristic and very often you can experience long stretches of stunning beach completely to yourself.
Renting a car
Excellent roads now make for very good driving and are safe.You may want to way up the cost of that though. Punta Cana Airport has a choice of rental companies: we have used SIXT before which was the most reasonably priced. It’s worth checking there website.

As a suggestion: You could rent a car from PC (journey time would be 4-5 hrs)… then whilst based here (suggestion we make to our guests that arrive in a car), to get around locally, use the moto-conchos or rent ATV quad, scooter, bike or buggy car …. being openly connected with the environment really will make a huge difference to quality of your experience here. Plus its really good fun!

Walking to beaches and town?
Walking to these beaches (and town beaches) is some distance. If you like walking then the walk will be ok. It is about a 45-60min walk at a leisurely pace. A lot of our guests enjoy the walk to town and usually take a moto-concho back.
Buses from SD to LT
Bus Station for all buses direct to Las Terrenas:
Parada Samana – Terminal ASOTRAPUSA
Calle Barahona
(Behind Plaza Lama)
Zona Colonial

Express Coach: Route – Direct to Las Terrenas
comfy spacious seats, air-conditioning, WIFI – journey time 2.5hrs: cost 350 pesos ($8 USD)
Bus times: 08:30am & 13:30pm
Normal smaller bus: Route via Sanchez
not so comfy, smaller seats, air-conditioning – journey time 3 hrs: cost 300 pesos ($7 USD)
09:30am, 11.00am (Express Route), 15:00pm

If you can advise from where and how you shall be arriving (i.e. Santo Domingo by car or bus…) then I can give you the most appropriate detailed info. on how to get to us.

Is a car necessary?
Once here a car isn’t really necessary to get in and around Las Terrenas. There is a very good moto-concho system (motorbike taxi) which is reliable, efficient and cheap. We actually have our own moto-concho service for the convenience, ease and safety of our guests. Or if you prefer to be more independent there are a variety of companies that rent vehicles: motorbikes, scooters, ATV quad bikes – this is definitely are more fun and interesting way to get around locally and really experience being part of the immediate environment.

If you wish to explore further afield – for example to visit Las Galeres (which is at the end of the Samana Peninsular), then I suggest renting a car would be more appropriate so you can make a full day trip.
(You can travel there by public transport although you would lose half a day just doing that, unless you plan to stay overnight there).

In general, public transport services are sufficiently developed surprisingly excellent here in DR. It’s one thing I am continuously amazed at – even the small buses that run locally between close towns, villages. Cheap, efficient, safe and run on time.

Arriving from Punta Cana?
Transport to and from Punta Cana Airport:
We don’t have any specific transport arrangement set up but there are various options:

1. Taxi – we can arrange with our taxi guy = the price is normally $400 USD 1 way
We could see if he can give a special price for both ways.

2. There is a (blacklisted entity hidden) page set up for airport taxi shares to and from Las Terrenas – I can send you the link to that
and you can see maybe there are other people also traveling to / from PC.

3. public transport: Much cheaper option by far: In total approx.. $16 USD per/person.
Excellent express service – although the journey time could be approx. 7 hours all together
You will need to take 2 different buses: 1st from PC to Santo Domingo and the second from SD to Las Terrenas
Also depending on your flight arrival time in PC will determine whether you may need to stay in PC for the 1st night
The coach journey can easily be done in one day: but leaving PC by 11:00am to ensure you meet the last connecting bus
from SD to LT.
I can give you more details regarding this if and when needed.

Renting Local Vehicles?
There are many companies in town but all have roughly the same daily rental prices:
And most will make discounts on 3 days or more:

Car = $45 USD (starting from..)
Scooter = $25 USD
Motorbike = $30 USD
ATV Quad = $50 USD

Our recommendations:
1. A & M rentals
Just before & next to Police station (just after El Paseo Plaza)

Just after the police Station

A couple of mins walk back to town from apartment
(opposite a car taxi rank)

On left just after bridge crossing on lower part Calle Duarte
(opposite Plaza Piatinni)

Choosing Samana Peninsular?
The Samana Peninuslar is definitely one of the most beautiful areas of the island. With so much to see and do; diversity of
landscape, people, it’s certainly a great place to choose as a base in which to experience and discover the real DR.
Things to do!
The Samana Peninsula alone is incredibly beautiful and has a huge variety of things to do, see and explore….
Really too many details to mention all in a message but we can certainly discuss all possible options once you are here and help you plan your days to maximize a real Dominican experience.

As a pre-cursor, our personal recommendations, you may want to check out:
Beaches: Playa (Punta) Bonita, Playa Coson (Luis Restaurant), Playa Fronton (great for snorkelling) / Playa Madame (last 2 are both in Las Galeres – would be a full day trip):
Excursions – Los Haitises National Park;
Jurassic Park Excursions- the following are exclusive only to our guests –
Virgin Falls El Limon with Fausto (non-touristic alternative to the more well-known Salto El limon cascada);
Hiking – up the river with natural pools route and surrounding landscape
Eve / moonlight excursion to the old La Ceiba tree (Our own avatar tree!)
both of these last 2 mentioned are within close proximity to our property.

Surfing / Kite surfing; Kayaking; zip-lining (Playa Valle Samana).

If you like / love dancing, and fancy trying out some authentic Dominican bachata (or merengue, or Salsa), we can connect you with the best (most fun) dancers and teachers if you would like to take some lessons.
Or / and if you just want to practice dancing then there are plenty of different evening venues can steer you towards.

Fun place for kids?
Our property is in a small valley surrounded by mountains and jungle: positioned between 2 rivers with a wonderful jungle trails, the ocean is close by; there is a well know horse ranch (offering excursions / courses etc) within walking distance from our place and we have a very spacious big garden.
Along with being in a Dominican neighborhood amongst really the friendliest people, it will be a great base and amazing experience for you and your kids to explore and really get to know the local way of life.
Our own kids, Safiya 12 yrs and Zaidan 8 yrs, love having other children here to share their jungle life with.
What is the Cabin set up?
The Cabins are positioned as 2 units of 2. And are all priced the same.
This year we have decided to have just 4 Cabins available for rentals. So no 2 rentals are actually next to each other – meaning more privacy.
All the Cabins sleep up to 4 guests and are a studio style with the same layout and private amenities: – 1 queen bed and 1 adult-size bunk bed, bathroom, kitchen area, terrace with hammock and small garden area. The only slight difference is in size and decor and level of privacy.
Do you serve meals?
Breakfast / Dinner:
Both meals are served at your private Cabin terrace.
For at least 7 nights, or more, reservation we currently have a special offer where the accommodation price includes dinner on your 1st night and breakfast for your 1st morning.
If you wish to take the breakfast and dinner at other times during your stay the price is as follows – per person / per day :
Breakfast = RD$1,000 ($19 USD)
Includes: fresh natural juice, plate of seasonal fresh fruits, empanada
(vegetable + cheese), eggs + toast, coffee or tea
Dinner = RD$1,500 ($29 USD)
Includes: 3 course meal (vegetarian) with a glass of wine

NB: All our meals are vegetarian. Please advise beforehand if you have any other dietary specifics: i.e. vegan, gluten free etc..

What are the local restaurants like?
Las Terrenas town is a wonderful, eclectic mix of differing cultures living harmoniously together. Along side the local Dominicans and Haitians there is a big expat community represented by various nations: French, Italian, German, Belgian, American, Canadian, Swedish, Spanish, Russian, British etc. There are a huge range of cafes, restaurants, on offer represented by all of the above mentioned nations. So food – you can find everything from cheap Dominican or haitian vendors selling street-side “pica-pollo” to pizzas, fresh sea-food, and super luxury European cuisine (and everything in-between that). A variety that covers all budgets and tastes.
What is food shopping like?
The bungalow has a small kitchen area, fully equipped for basic cooking.
There a few small local convenience stores (colmados) 5 min walk from our place, which sell a variety of basic produce.
Las Terrenas town has a much wider choice of good big supermarkets, small Domincian mini-markets, and organic fruit & Veg shops.
The town centre is about 7-10 mins away by vehicle.
Nearby restaurant and food?
There is a small Comedor (restaurant) within 10 min walk from our place. Great local Dominican food.
There is also a small Colmado (convenience store) selling a variety of basic produce.
Las Terrenas town of course has a big range of supermarkets, fruit and veg shops and a huge variety of restaurants to suit all cuisine tastes.
What is the nightlife like?
For a small town, Las Terrenas offers an amazing, diverse nightlife: Thanks in part to the colorful eclectic mix of differing nations residing here, you can find anything from typical Western style city clubs and bars to a mix of western and tropical style; to hanging out with the locals in a typical Dominican ‘Car-wash” bar/ pool hall to really Dominican style hanging outside a local colmado (convenient store) sharing a bottle of rum with friends. And always on offer is listening to typical latin music and lots of dancing – bachata, merengue, salsa.
Whale watching (mid Jan – mid Mar)
The best is Kim Beddall of Whales Samana
She is a marine mammal specialist with these whales (she even knows them by name!)
I would advise you to make a reservation before you arrive as she appears to be booked up at least 3 days ahead.
You can make the reservation via email or call the office. details as below:
Tel: (1) 829 538 2494
Email: kim@whalesamana.com
WEB: www.whalesamana.com
Price: $59 USD + $3 USD (marine mammal conservation)
Virgin Falls excursion with Fausto
Exclusive Jurassic Park Excursion – Virgin Falls (El Limon)
A perfect alternative to the more popular, tourist waterfall ‘Salto de El Limon’
Hiking through beautiful mountain range behind and above the village of El Limon – with amazing coastline and mountainous jungle views
Fausto (the gentle giant) is your guide. You will automatically feel a sense of pride and passion as he walks you through his family’s land, imparting his wealth of knowledge of the local flora, fauna and fruits (which you will of course get to taste along the way).
Arriving down at the magnificent Virgin Falls cascada, Fausto and his son will prepare lunch whilst you swim in the beautiful cool freshwater pools in and surrounding the waterfall.
If you feel more adventurous, and time permitting, there are a whole series of waterfalls below this area to be discovered and experienced.
Truly a hidden gem.
We have personally done this trip many times with guests and visiting family / friends. Every time amazing as if new and unforgettable.
This is a full day excursion: (approx: 8/9am to 6-7pm)
Time is only governed by leaving Él Limon before it gets dark.
Price is 3,300 pesos per person ($65 USD).
Includes: Guide, transport & lunch.
Not included: tip for the guide
Cancellation policy
If the booking is cancelled less than 14 days before arrival then a charge equal to 50% of the stay will be made.

Unused additions such as Taxi or Food will be refunded in full.